Workroom is a curated interdisciplinary, experimental performance series.  Presented by lonely collective, Workroom creates a platform for the risk-takers, for the work that sits by itself, for the art that is lonely.  We seek out work that is rigorous and dedicated to process.  As a part of our series, we offer feedback to artists in hopes of widening the possibilities in live performance, while building upon our foundations in dance, theatre, music, film, and performance art.   Workroom is an evening that brings together community by watching, discussing and interacting with lonely art.  


lonely collective's first curated event, workroom(1) was held at Five Myles Gallery in Crown Heights, BK on June 18th, 2015.  The evening featured artists including

 Alexa West |  Jadd Tank  |  Julie Rooney  |  The Lovelies  |  Macklen Mayse  |  Megan Odom  |  Rachel Oliver  |  Sam Lysaght  |  Will Hutnick  |  Steven Long  |